Caledonia Fruits

Premium Quality Organic Fruits

About Us

Caledonia Fruits supplies high-quality organic fruits sourced from selected producers worldwide. Our products include a wide range of fruits and derivatives, including pulp, oil, and powder.

All of our products adhere to strict sustainability and fair trade principles.We work closely with local communities and producers who share our values and commitment, ensuring that our entire supply chain is sustainable and responsible.

Acai Berry

Caledonia Fruits supplies premium quality organic Acai berries from carefully selected producers in Suriname. We are able to provide a steady supply of berries, pulp, oil, and powder at scale anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a reliable source of top quality, sustainably produced and competitively priced Acai berries, look no further than Caledonia Fruits.

Global Shipping

Caledonia Fruits is a supplier of premium-quality fruits that caters to customers worldwide. We believe in providing a reliable and steady supply chain, ensuring that our top-quality, sustainable, and competitively priced fruits reach customers anywhere in the world.

Our focus on sustainability and ethical production practices set us apart from other suppliers, and we are committed to meeting the demands of our global customers through our efficient and professional shipping services.